Marjorie Ober

graphic designer, artist, programmer

Welcome to the portal of my different web existences!

I live and work in Strasbourg. I favour programming and writing as modes of expression and I strive to inscribe my practice in a feminist, libre and accessible perspective. You can find the whole of my work on my website and my blog.

I work in cooperation with among others:

I am a member of the associative hackerspace Hackstub – New window and the cyberfeminist collective Hacqueen – New window.

I'm also into Hoop dance – Dedicated pad in a new window.

You can ask me for a graphic creation, the design of a website or its accessibility (audit and corrections), the writing of a text, or the animation of a workshop or a training in the fields of graphic design and computer science.
I facilitate various formats that involve collective creation (see Hackstub interventions – New window) or personal creation (see courses – New window on my Nextcloud instance).

Feel free to contact me to work together or just to chat, I love meeting new people !
Contact: hello at marjorieober dot com

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  • Digital accessibility-oriented computing permanencies

    Technical mutual aid format resulting from an associative partnership between Hackstub, Alsace Réseau Neutre and C'Cité partnership, Espace Culture et Loisirs of C'Cité in Strasbourg, on January 14, March 11 and May 13, 2023.

  • Central Vapeur Festival

    Guarding and mediation of the exhibition Dialogue de Dessins 13 (Nygel Panasco + Dominique Goblet) of the illustration festival Central Vapeur, La Menuiserie (COOP), Strasbourg, from March 30th to April 2nd 2023.

  • Listening session and presentation of Plage Blanche

    Listening session with Marine Froeliger to discover the spectrum of Plage Blanche published since its launch in 2021 and to analyze the footage of the website, like a time capsule that would be opened at a given time to listen to its content, Ergastule exhibition space, Nancy.

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