Marjorie Ober

graphist, artist, programmer

* 。 ✧° Welcome to the portal of my different web existences! °✧ 。 *

I live and work in Strasbourg. I favour programming and writing ──★ as modes of expression and I strive to inscribe my practice in a cyberfeminist, libre and inclusive perspective. You can find the whole of my work on my website and my blog.

I work in cooperation with among others:

  • the team of Sonya (a listening space dedicated to audio fiction podcast and a sound design studio based in Strasbourg) ;
  • the graphic and interactive design collective Figures Libres ;
  • the artist, graphic designer and programmer Nicolas Chesnais ;
  • occasionally within the collective Plus Plus Égal with the graphic designer and researcher Camille Trimardeau.

I am a member of the associative hackerspace Hackstub and the emerging cyberfeminist collective Hacqueen.

I also recently started Hoop dance.

You can ask me for a graphic creation, the design of a website, the writing of a text, or the animation of a workshop or a training in the fields of graphic design and computer science.
I facilitate various formats that involve collective creation (see Hackstub services) or personal creation (see courses on my Nextcloud instance).

Feel free to contact me to work together or just to chat, I love meeting new people 🧙‍♀️!
Contact: hello [at] marjorieober [dot] com

Latest Projects

  • Cyberhuts

    Screenshot of an online cyberhut (here the image of a jungle landscape previously explored textually through a screen reader).

    Collection of experimental web pages as part of a personal research project. Each page is designed like a hut and left in a raw, unsophisticated state. The experimentation, which is above all graph…

  • En françaiS au pluriel

    Capture of a text tree on the En françaiS au pluriel website

    Graphic design of the research tool En françaiS au pluriel by linguistics researcher Myriam Suchet, which questions the immutability of (living) languages, in particular French, in collabo…

  • La Ferme du Haut Mont

    Home page of the Ferme du Haut Mont website

    Visual identity of La Ferme du Haut Mont, a market garden production site in the Vosges whose activity is the cultivation and sale of fruits and vegetables from peasant seeds and farming techniques…

Latest texts

  • « Body recoding : de l’injonction au réenchantement des corps féminins. Corps, Style, Mouvement », texte et images, mars 2021

    Répertoire accessible en ligne

  • « Le tutoriel », texte et dessins, octobre 2019

    Paru dans le catalogue de l'exposition Super Image #5 en novembre 2019

  • « Impressions du Havre », texte et images, février 2019

    Paru dans le journal d'USG19 en mai 2019

Latest blog posts

  • CSS Dazzle Faces

  • “Revell'East” => another warmup to recuperation

  • Pourquoi faut-il activer la recherche et la pratique de l'écriture inclusive et emmerder les administrations ?

Latest events

  • Network & Magic

    A role-playing game to understand the basics of how the Internet works, co-animation with Ada Lanerd for Hackstub, Le Shadok, Strasbourg.

  • Digital accessibility workshop

    Co-organised with Irina Lambla and Valentin Grimaud for Hackstub and Alsace Réseau Neutre, Médiathèque Neudorf, Strasbourg. Feedback and test results published on La Litière, the CHATONS wiki.

  • Hack ver Alli: Lanceur.euse.s d’alerte, de l’alarme à la protection des personnes

    Screening of the film Hacking Justice on Julian Assange's struggle and informal discussion, co-organised with Hackstub and Alternatiba, GEM Aube, Strasbourg